Drapery Lengths

Below are the typical lengths people use for their draperies. Most of the time the length ordered will be one of personal preference.

We suggest starting by hanging your drapery rod approximately 4” above your window. For a more dramatic look, you can mount your curtain rods as high as your ceiling, this works especially well for standard 8 foot ceilings and is a popular choice in Continue reading…

Custom Curtains

If you have oversized windows in either length or width, then you know how difficult it can be to find window treatments to accommodate your windows from a department store.

It just isn’t going happen, what you need are custom made curtains, also referred to as made to measure curtains/drapes depending on whom you ask.

There are different avenues to choose from in order to get custom drapes. You can hire a Continue reading…

Dust Ruffles Do More Than Prevent Dust Bunnies

So just what are dust ruffles you ask?  Dust ruffles are those decorative pieces of fabric that hide your bed frame and bottom boxed mattress.  Today they are also referred to as bed skirts. They’ve been known to prevent dust bunnies from gathering beneath your bed too!

Beds today come in all sorts of sizes.  From king-sized to queen or twin to extra-long, low profile or high profile. It is nearly impossible Continue reading…