Decorating Your Bathroom

One of the least decorated rooms in your home is often your bathroom. Whether it’s your master bathroom, your guest bathroom or your kid’s bathroom, chances are that you may not have very many decorations in the room.

Your master bathroom is typically only seen by you or your spouse where the other bathrooms in your home are seen more often. We’ve put together our list of items that you will need when decorating your custom bathroom.

The Window Treatments

One element in your bathroom is your window treatments. Some of your bathrooms are interior rooms and may not have windows. Other bathrooms may have either small or large windows.

While you may decide to do sheer curtains in the other rooms of your home, chances are you will want more privacy in your bathroom than the other rooms of your home. Most bathrooms have smaller windows but if your bathroom has larger windows you will want to choose something closer in style to drapes rather than a valance.

Bathroom windows are never typically a standard size. The fabric that you choose and the style you choose for your custom window treatments is important. The right colors, the right size and the right style can bring your bathroom to life.

The Shower Curtain

Another item that you can’t live without in your bathroom is your shower curtain. Your custom shower curtain provides not only a decoration in your bathroom but also an necessary item.

Your window treatments should match your shower curtains, either the same fabric or a complimentary fabric. Finding a shower curtain can be difficult if you have a custom bathroom.

You may need an extra-long shower curtain or an extra wide shower curtain to properly cover your shower. In these cases you will need to custom order a shower curtain made specifically in the size needed for your bathroom.

The Bathroom Accessories

More than likely you have chosen a theme to decorate your bathroom in. With this being said, now that you have picked out your window treatments and your matching custom shower curtain you have to decide upon the bathroom accessories that are needed.

Your bathroom accessories include your soap dispenser, your toothbrush holder, your towels and more. Your bathroom accessories are important completing your desired theme.

The Bathroom Wall Decor

Another often forgotten item to finishing your bathroom design is your wall decorations. You may choose a decorative paint with a patterned trim. Your wall decorations may instead include photos or paintings instead. Maybe you have an antique mirror that would look appropriate in the bathroom. Wall stickers have become another popular wall decor in many rooms not just your bathroom.

Your bathroom is your own private retreat within your home. Your room decor sets your desired mood and welcomes you in. Finish your custom bathroom with your own custom decor!

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