Be Your Own Interior Decorator

Ever find yourself monthly picking up a Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens magazine to look through? Or searching the web feverishly looking at pages of immaculately decorated houses wondering what it would be like to live there?

Reading as home interior designers describe with just enough detail how they came up with a certain look or style. Then close the magazine and look at your home and dream about hiring an interior decorator to come and redecorate it?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Being your own interior decorator is easy and affordable! At Fashion Window Treatments, our goal is to help you be your own interior designer!

Interior Design Tip: Start by Picking a Style

Before you can start decorating your own home, you first must decide what style you are looking for. Are you an art deco or vintage style person? Do you prefer the rustic look or something more modern?

If you are unsure of the look and feel you would like to achieve, go back to those magazines that you love to flip through. You can even do a Google image search for photos of other interior decorated homes.

Keep the age and style of your home in mind. If your house is a 1900s farm house, decorating it in a beach cottage style would be out of place. But your beach cottage would look great in bright, flowing colors!

Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme for your Interior Decorating

Now that you have selected the style that best fits you and your home, you need to choose the colors that you would like to use. The colors should fit in with the style that you have chosen. For example, your beach cottage may look great with light blues, greens and other pale colors but dark navy blues, maroons or blacks may be less fitting.

Once you have decided upon your room or home’s color scheme, it’s time to start picking out carpets, fabrics and more.

Are you buying new furniture or reupholstering furniture that you have? If reupholstering your own furniture, you may decide to use the same fabrics on your couches as you do your curtains. Or your napkins for your dining room table in a coordinating fabric to the drapes hanging on the windows.

Having a custom interior decorated home can be as easy as picking the right fabrics.

Being your own interior decorator gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your home will turn out to look exactly as you envisioned it and not as someone else interprets your vision. You have the freedom to choose your own personal style. From long flowing drapes to swags and jabots, everyone’s style will be different.

Fashion Window Treatments gives you the ability to decorate your home in the fabrics and colors of your choice. We offer over 350 different fabrics to choose from when designing your curtains, drapes, table clothes and more.

Want to coordinate the upholstery on your couches to your curtains? Simply order the same fabric or a different matching fabric by the yard from our store!

We are happy to create your custom designed products from any fabric that you already have as well. Our expert staff is available to assist you in making the right choices of color, texture or pattern to give you just the look that you desire.

Be your own interior decorator
by calling Fashion Window Treatments today!

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