Popular Valance Styles

Fashion Window Treatments offers over 100 different styles of semi-custom valances and window treatments. With what could be the argued as the biggest selection available on the internet today, how do you choose what style best fits your home? We wanted to take a moment to tell you a little more about a few of our most requested semi-custom valances available from this site. These five are some of the most popular valances that we offer.

The Cameo Valance

The Cameo valance is available in up to eight different widths to fit windows ranging in size from 38 inches to 150 inches wide. The Cameo is created using the two fabrics of your choice and is a beautiful window treatment that gives the illusion of being a custom board mounted window treatment when hung to lay flat. If you choose, you may also hang shirred onto a rod to offer up to two times the fullness.

The Box Pleat Valance

The Box Pleat valance offers the ability to order a valance in the exact width that you need up to 150 inches wide. Like the Cameo valance, this valance can also be purchased with two different contrasting fabrics. You may also order the semi-custom valance with only one fabric by choosing the same fabric as your main fabric and your contrasting fabric. The main fabric is the fabric used for the boxes and the contrasting fabric is selected for the pleats between each box. The Box Pleat valance is fully lined and has the ability to add optional buttons to the window treatment.

The Cuff Top Valance

The Cuff Top semi-custom valance is available in nine different lengths to fit windows ranging in size from 26 inches to 107 inches wide. The Cuff Top valance is made from two different contrasting fabrics and is hung by use of clips and rings on a decorative rod. The contrasting fabric is shown on the folded down cuffs. If you prefer to hang your Cuff Top valance with knobs and post extensions, you may want to consider our Cuff Top valance with loops. This valance is also available in nine different lengths ranging from 4 cuffs to 13 cuffs.

The Grandeur Valance

Like the Cameo semi-custom valance, the Grandeur also gives the appearance of being a custom board mounted valance when hung flat. This semi-custom valance style is available in six different widths ranging from 50 inches to 150 inches wide. This semi-custom valance offers the ability to create with the choice of two fabrics. The first fabric is the main fabric that is the top layer and a bottom layer that is made from a contrasting fabric.

The Kaitlin Valance

The last of our top five semi-custom valances is the Kaitlin. The Kaitlin is available in seven different lengths that fit windows with widths of 20 inches to 147 inches. This semi-custom window treatment also provides your choice of two fabrics and offers an updated look for your home. The valance is hung with decorative knobs, tie backs or hold-backs. You may also customize the valance with decorative trims.

No matter what your style, you will be able to find the right look for your home at Fashion Window Treatments. Our expert consultants will help guide you through the variety of choices available on this site.

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