Sewing Using Customer’s Own Materials

We at Fashion Window Treatments think we have some really great fabrics, but regardless what we think, we know there are thousands of fabrics that are just as great that we don’t stock.

Whether we carry one hundred or one thousand fabrics, we know there are still always going to be times when we just don’t have what a customer is looking for. That is why we fabricate all of our window valances, swag curtains, shower curtains, bedding, pillows, everything in any of our three hundred and fifty fabrics or we’ll use our customers own materials!

If you have found the fabric of your dreams and would like to have some custom curtains made, just give us a call.

A couple of things we do need to know when you call is exactly what you want made, the size you need made (or at least the measurements of your window, bed, table or whatever and we can assist you in deciding the size), and the vertical repeat of the fabric.

We will then be able to quote you labor prices and tell you how much fabric you will need to purchase and send to us.

Why do we need to know the vertical repeat of your material you ask?  When we sew window treatments, sometimes we will need to sew the fabric together when making wide (horizontal) products, such as a 300” wide valance or a bedspread.

We will need to match the fabric design at the seam, so that it is not noticeable  the fabric has been sewn together. Or if you are having multiple window valances or curtain panels made,  you may want all the products to look identical, which means sometimes it will take a bit more material than normal in order for everything to be what we call pattern matched, so that is why we will need the vertical fabric repeat.  Solid fabrics and striped fabrics do not have a vertical repeat, so no need for this information if that is your case.

So if you would like to have us sew products for you in your fabric, just give us a call.

Again, we will quote you labor prices and yardage.  Once we receive your fabric, we will write up your sales order and begin your order and ship the order to you in about a week. And you thought we just fabricated using our fabrics.

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