Mastering the Bedroom

The most often overlooked room in the home is the master bedroom; which I don’t know about you, but next to work, it is the place I spend the most time in.  When I moved in my home I spent the first year to two years furnishing and decorating my living room, dining room, family room, kitchen and then my two daughter’s bedrooms.

Then I hit burn out!  My husband kept asking are you ever going to do our room?  I kept putting it off because I seemed to have hit a decorating block.

Finally I sat down and decided to organize my ideas for the bedroom, so I created a list. My list wasn’t as lengthy as some clients as I had bedroom furniture already which gave me a basis for style and design.

I quickly realized my hurdles were color and bedding selections.  With so many options in custom bedding, I knew it was only a matter of time before I had it all figured out. Below are some things to consider when decorating your bedroom:

How do you want your room to feel? Color is the biggest influence in how a room feels; cooler colors like blues and greens are more restful and peaceful colors that help you wind down at night while warmer colors like red tones and yellows create a vibrant wake me up in the morning look.  Neutrals with accents of warm and cool colors can combine the best of both worlds.
How formal or informal do you want your room to be? This is where furniture and bedding come into play.  Traditional furnishings tend to dictate a more formal look while contemporary/transitional furnishings lean toward a more casual look.
Next is dressing the bed with a custom bedspread, comforter, duvet or coverlet or combination of.  Traditionally a bedspread or comforter with a dust ruffle has been the most popular choices. The trend now is layering your bedding.  Adding a base layer with another layer such as a duvet or coverlet. This allows you to change things seasonally with the light layer used for summer and to give you a change of pace in looks.

Decorative Pillows for your bed are a must, but how many decorative pillows do you add?  I would say to try to only add decorative pillows that can be functional.  For instance Euro shams can be embellished and decorative, but also add a function; they are large enough to prop behind your head if you read in bed.  Small rectangular or lumbar pillows are great to put in the small of your back.

Adding decorative trims and mixing patterns, fabrics and textures to your bedding will assist in creating the bedroom of your dreams!  Whatever combination you do; remember this is your retreat where you go to recharge for the next day and is one of the most important rooms in the home.  Make it a priority when decorating your home.

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