How to Measure for a Throw Scarf – the String Method

In order to properly measure what length of a throw scarf you will need, you must first decide where you will be placing your scarf holders. We suggest placing the holders two inches wider than your window (including any wooden window casing/molding) and about two inches above your window casing.

If you have a single window, then you know that you will only have two scarf holders, but what do you do if your window is a wider? Well, first you need to determine how many holders you will need. We do not suggest having more than 50” between holders, so if you have a double window that is 75” in width, you will need three holders. At 75” plus 4” (2” each side outside window frame) is 79” then divide by two (three holders means two swags in the scarf) you will place your holders a 0” ,39 ½” and the last holder at 79”.

So now you need to know what length to order for your throw scarf. Well, this will depend on how far down the sides of the window you would like the ends to hang as well as how much of a drop you would like for the swag sections of the window treatment. We suggest having the sides of the scarf to come down a minimum of 20” on the sides as our throw scarves have tapered ends. You want the tapering to hang on the sides of the window treatment and not interfere with the swag portions.

Now let’s discuss the swag section. Some people want the top of the swag section to be straight at the top and others want top portion of the swag section have some drop. This is really a matter of personal preference.

If you do not already have your scarf holders in place, we suggest using push pins in helping you determine the length for your scarf. Place the pushpins into your wall where you will be placing the holdbacks. Then taking a piece string, hang the string the way are imagining your treatment to hang. Start at the left side of the window go up over and across all the holders, making sure you put the same drop in the string that you would like your swag portion to hang, then down the right side of the window to where you want the treatment to stop. Measure your string and that will be the size to order.

Keep in mind if you want the top of the swag to be straight across on the top, you just need to add the length on both sides and the width across from the first to the last holder.

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