How to Hang Swag and Jabots on a Curtain Rod

Hanging your rod pocket style swags and jabots is easier than it may appear.  Here we will describe how to hang your swags and jabots using one, two or three swags on your curtain rod. Typically you will use a double one inch curtain rod when you are using an odd number of swags and a triple curtain rod when using an even number of swags. Have a custom look without hiring a decorator.

One swag and a set of jabots: see video: View Video

Using a double curtain rod as described above, you will place one jabot on each side of the front curtain road, keeping the straight side of the jabots against the wall.  The swag will then be placed on the inner curtain rod and as you mount the inner rod to the bracket, make sure the swag hangs over the front rod and on top of the jabots. Then do minor “dressing” in and you’re done.

Two swags and a set of jabots:

Here you will need a triple curtain rod.  The jabots will still be placed at each end of the front rod (this doesn’t change). One swag will be placed on the center rod and slid to the left side of the rod (only use the front of the rods, not the side returns when hanging the swags) then mount the rod to the inner bracket, again making sure the swag hangs over the front most rod.  Then take the innermost rod and place the second swag all the way to the right of the rod and mount it onto the innermost bracket stem and this swag will hang over the front rod as well. Then just finish adjusting the window treatment and you’re done.

Three swags and a set of jabot: View Video

You will use a double one inch curtain rod.  Place the left jabot onto the front rod, then put one swag in the center of the front rod (making sure the fabric side faces out) then put the right jabot onto the front rod.  So now you should have both jabots (one at each end as always) and a swag that should currently just be hanging straight down in the center.  Now take the last two swags and place them on the inner curtain rod, slide one swag to the left and the other to the right. Then mount the rod to the bracket, making sure both swags hang over the front rod.  At this point, you will take the swag that should be hanging directly in the middle of the front rod and you will take it under, behind, up and over the inner rod so that it is now hanging on top of the other two swags.  Do some minor adjusting and you’re done.

View Semi-Custom Swag and Jabots

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