Window Valance Styles

A valance, i.e. a top treatment or a window topper, is a window treatment that decorates the top of a window.  There are many different styles of valances and ways that they can be hung, which may influence the style you choose.

First, there is a rod pocket style.  This simply means that the window treatment is fabricated with a pocket in it so that you can put a drapery rod through it for hanging.  The size of the pocket (normally 1 ½” or 3”) will determine the size of rod you use. Most often used is a 2 ½” flat continental rod or a 1” standard curtain rod, although some decorative poles can also be used to fit in many of the pockets as well.

Some valance styles are made to be hung on a decorative pole. These treatments do not have solid pockets for a rod, but they do normally have a tab of some sort in which a decorative pole should be inserted.  This is a great style for those who appreciate the look of decorative  hardware, as it can give your room a whole new look.

There are certain styles of valances that have no pocket or tab for a rod to be inserted into, but also incorporate the use of decorative poles with rings and clips.  The valance gets hung by clipping the rings onto the valance or if no clips are available, drapery pins can sometimes be used as well.

And if that is not enough there also window treatments that incorporate the use of an adhesive, such as hook and look, to affix the treatment to the pole with.


Then there are valances that have loops sewn in at the top that the treatment is to be hung with.  Typically you can use drapery tieback knobs to hang this style of valance. Tieback knobs have extenders so that you the valance can hang away from the wall. Some people make their own hardware using cabinet knobs.

The use of cabinet knobs is not a bad idea and in fact can gives you a large variety of hardware to choose from, the downside is that cabinet knobs are fairly small and do not have extenders on them so the valance would hang right on the wall.

I have seen people use a decorative wooden square mounted to their wall in which they then screw the cabinet knob into.  This gives the knob some distance from the wall, and again, is a great idea if you like the look.

Scarf treatments, such as the Throw Scarf or Fishtail Swag can be hung using drapery tieback knobs, sconces or they can simply be hung by draping them over a decorative pole.

The last style is a board mounted treatment, in particular this is a Kick Pleat valance.  This is where the valance is physically attached to a wooden board.  The board is then attached to your wall using simple L brackets and screws and are quite easy to hang.

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