Getting an Instant New Look with New Window Treatments

Did you know that you don’t have to do a major remodel or paint job in order to give your home a new look? It’s true. By changing your window treatments you can change the look of room instantaneously and with little effort. Want to spice it up a little more…add a couple matching decorative throw pillows in the room. What better time to give your home a new look, than at the start of a new year? You can go from having a valance on your window to having curtains as your window treatment. Or change your current valance window treatment to a new fabric that you just love and add solid colored rod pocket curtains to hang beneath your valance and have the tiebacks made in the same fabric as your valance to give your room a decorator touch. There are so many options these days when it comes to window treatments and we are here to assist you with any questions you have.

Swag and Jabots – A timeless look of sofistication

Swag and Jabots are at the top of many decorators lists. Swags and jabots offer your windows timeless elegance and can be sewn as a rod pocket style treatment, a board mounted window treatment and they can also be fabricated to be hung on a decorative pole. The number of swags needed is determined by the width of the window. A standard window would have one swag, whereas a window that is 100” wide would typically have three swags.
Not all swags are the same. A bias cut swag will have a smoother drape to it than a standard swag. This is because a bias cut, means the fabric is cut diagonally across the fabric as opposed to being cut on the straight of the fabric, so in turn the fabric has a much smoother drape to it and is made with an extra fold for additional fullness. Many times you will see pelmets hanging between swags. Pelmets are used simply to give the window treatment a more distinctive appeal. Some choose to use pelmets under their swags (where 2 swags come together) and yet others will put them over top of the swags.

Jabots are typically used with swags on a window and come in many lengths. There is no right or wrong when it comes to the length you would like to use on your window. Jabots have been made to hang as little as 1/3 of the windows length up to several inches below a windows length or to the floor. It really depends on the look you are after. Normally if someone has a view they adore and want to use the treatment to accent the window, shorter jabots are often used. Shorter jabots offer a more casual appearance, whereas longer jabots are typically used for a more formal look.

If you love the look of jabots, but don’t like the appeal of typical swags, there are alternative flat valances, namely the Sherwood or Nottingham that can be used with jabots to give your windows a great look alternative look to the standard swag.

Back Tab Valance

The Back Tab Valance was recently added to our valance styles and has been in popular demand. This style gives you a clean contemporary look much like a grommet valance would. The Back Tab valance offers a hidden rod pocket and hidden tabs (which alot of people refer to this style as – hidden tab valance). This is an up to date look for tab styled window treatments. The Back Tab valance can be paired up with our Back Tab panels when you want a complete designer look for you window. When using the valance and panels together, your valance and panels go on the same rod and your panels would be stationary (non functional). The valance is available in widths up to 200”. Keep in mind that this style of valance and drapery panels should be used at approximately two times fullness, meaning you need two times the amount of fabric width to window width. One example would be a 100” valance and two 50” wide panels would work well on windows approximately 100” wide.The Back Tab Valance and Back Tab Panels can be used together or as separate window treatments.

Extra Long Shower Curtain Liners/Extra Wide Shower Curtain Liners

You’ve asked and asked and now were answering! Get custom sized vinyl liners to go with your custom extra long or extra wide sized fabric shower curtain. For so long we have been asked by our customers if they could purchase an extra long or extra wide vinyl shower curtain liner to go with the extra long and extra wide fabric shower curtains we were making for them and until now we have always had to say sorry.
We have decided to make your life less complicated and now offer extra long and extra wide vinyl liners. Custom sized vinyl liners are available in all four standard widths that we offer for our fabric shower curtains: 50”, 72”, 84” and 100”. And they can be made any length up to 96”.
These liners are available in two heavy gauge’s, a 10 gauge vinyl in white or an 8 gauge vinyl in frost. All liners have reinforced meshed double layer grommet headings for superior durability and are custom made to the size you indicate.
No longer does your custom sized shower need to be a chore to outfit. We have made it as easy as 1,2,3. Choose your fabric, your size and your liner!

And so the Mad Rush Begins……

October and November are typically two of the busiest months in our industry. Why? Well everyone is of course trying to give their homes a new quick makeover before the relatives arrive for the Thanksgiving holiday. I bet you knew that because I bet you’re one of the ones doing exactly that… the last minute scramble. Luckily for you we have 95% of our orders made and shipped within a week. But don’t start breathing that sigh of relief just yet! One thing we can’t control is fabric availability and we hate to disappoint. So if you know what you want to order, please don’t delay!

Items that are on the tops of customer’s list right now include new decorative table runners, chair seat cushions, decorative fabric place mats, fabric napkins and window valances when it comes to the holiday season.
Another really hot item this time of year is thermal lined drapes. It is the time of year to prepare for the cold! I can’t begin to tell you how many thermal lined drapes we have made in the past few weeks – our customers are preparing well! We offer thermal lining on our Custom Rod Pocket Drapes, Pinch Pleated Drapes, Grommet Drapes, Back Tab Drapes and Tab Top Drapes. So whatever your style is, we have a style drape available to keep you toasty this fall and winter.

Adding Warmth by Layering

Okay – You want to give your room some character, warmth and depth.  Here are some quick inexpensive ways to accomplish your goal.

Layering will add warmth to a room. If a room appears cold and boring adding layers of fabric can turn up the “heat” and give the room some needed textures.  For example, add a rug, add cloths to the tops of tables, add custom made decorative throw pillows of different shapes and sizes to that boring couch and add accessories that have texture. Your room will gain instant warmth.

Hint: You can use beautiful placements under lamps. Try placing a smaller square table cloth on your table (on the diagonal) so that the corners are on each side of the table as opposed to the corners of the table – leaving the corners of the table exposed. Or try crisscrossing two table runners for a different effect. If you have a favorite table cloth now, try getting some bold colored fabric napkins to coordinate with your table cloth. If you have curtain panels up now that you love – try adding a valance that compliments the room or add custom length drapery panels to the window that currently has only a valance to spice up the décor you already have!

Texture will add depth to what might otherwise be considered a rather flat fabric or element.  Many of today’s fabrics are beautifully accented with texture. A certain amount of texture should be introduced in every décor.  It will visually stimulate the eye, and help produce a beautiful room.

Texture can be added with materials that have a “character” of their own such as wood, wicker, tile, marble, glass, fabric and metal. It can be added with decorative embellishments such as tassels, bows, cording, and other decorative trims. You can add warmth with faux painting techniques, wallpaper and window treatments to name a few.
The most important part of decorating is obviously creating an atmosphere that makes you feel good and comfortable.  Many times we try to copy a decor we see in a decorating magazine because it looks stylish and later realize that the room wasn’t created so much to be lived in as it was to be looked at.  As long as you stick to what appeals to you and colors you enjoy, it’s hard to go wrong.

Custom Bedding – Freedom at Last

We have all been there. Found the perfect comforter or duvet cover only to find out that you can’t get the size dust ruffle you need or that the set you like doesn’t have any curtains to match. Very frustrating to say the least. You would think that with all the different comforters and bedspreads available you could readily find what you need. Not so, especially if your mattress is not a standard size. And let’s face it today’s mattresses range from low profile mattresses of no more than about a 10 inch drop to higher profile mattresses up to 22 inch drops or more.There just in no such thing as a standard mattress anymore. Custom bedding allows you to purchase dust ruffles and custom comforters in the drop height needed for your particular mattress as well as offering you the flexibility to mix and match fabrics of your choice for the coordinating dust ruffles, drapes, throw pillows and shams. Need a California King dust ruffle with a 20” drop – no problem! You can have your pillows and pillow shams made using one fabric for the pillow body and another contrasting fabric on the ruffles. If you want your bedroom to look as if you hired a professional decorator – choose custom bedding! You be your own designer and get the sizes you need for a custom look without the “professional decorator” price.

Don’t Worry – We use our fabrics or yours!

Love our window treatment styles, chair cushions, custom bedding, upholstered cornices and decorative throw pillows, just not our fabrics?  Don’t worry!  We make all of our products using any of our 350 decorative fabrics or in a fabric of your own!  Decide on which window treatment or other home décor product you want made and give us a call.  We will tell you how much fabric to send in and the cost for our labor only!  It’s really that easy.  We will sew your products for you and mail them right back to you in about one week.  There is simply no easier way to have a custom looking home without paying the high costs of hiring a decorator.  Coordinate your window treatments, decorative custom sized table runners, chair pads or you valance and shower curtains and all your bedding.  You can have a beautifully decorated home at a fraction of the price!  Our consultants are available to discuss styles, fabrics and sizing with you at no additional cost.

Measuring for Pleated Drapes and Determining Your Stack-back

First let’s talk about rod installation. When you have custom sized pleated drapes typically you will want to mount your rod a minimum of 4” – 6” above any window casings to ensure that you will not see the pleated header from outside of your home. When determining your rod width must decide whether you want your drapes “stacked back” off of your window meaning that you do not want the drapes to cover your window. This is a personal preference. If stack-back is not an issue for you then you can order drapes based on the width of your rod from bracket to bracket. The following chart can be used to determine stack back for pleated drapes using a medium weight fabric.

Stack-Back Calculations: Use these calculations below only if you want your drapes to stack off from your window (and you have the wall space to accommodate).

Numbers below are shown in inches:

Window Opening Stack-back Rod Width
24 21 45
30 23 53
36 25 61
42 26 68
48 29 77
54 30 84
60 31 91
66 32 98
72 34 106
78 36 114
84 37 121
90 38 127
96 39 135
100 44 144
106 46 152
112 48 160
119 49 168
125 51 176
131 53 184
137 55 192
144 56 200
150 58 208

****The numbers above are based on standard two way draw (drape panel on each side of window).  If you are having a one way draw (drape panel pulls to only one side of window) then deduct 7 from the above stack-back and rod width figures.


It is quite possible that you may not have enough wall space to accommodate the above figures, if this is the case then we suggest using the widest rod width you can get in the space you have (please keep in mind any space you need for your decorative finials also). Rod width is measured from bracket to bracket and does not include the width for your finials.
The above chart can be used as a guideline for you in determining the width size you need when stack back is desired. The above numbers can be used when you have functioning pinch pleated drapes and not stationary panels.
Measuring for custom drapes length will depend upon the style of rod you are using. If you are using a traverse rod you will want to measure from the top of the rod down to the length you want. If you are planning on hanging your pleated drape with a decorative rod that uses clips and rings, you will want to measure the length from the clip down to the length you want.

Custom Drapes – Extra Wide Drapes / Extra Long Drapes

If you have oversized windows in either length or width then you know how difficult it can be to find window treatments to accommodate your windows from a department store. It just isn’t going happen, so you might as well not waste your time drudging from store to store looking.
To get custom sized drapes you either need to hire a decorator who works with a drapery workroom and can cost you considerable more than you really need to pay or you can go straight to the workroom, which is who we are! We offer our custom sized drapes on the website up to a six width pair and up to 108” lengths. By all means, those are not the only sizes we sew, but they are the more common custom sizes. We will fabricate custom drapes ANY length and width you need. Have a two story foyer and want your drapes to be the full length? No problem! Just call us with the style, length you want, and the width of your windows and we will get you a quote right away…many times while you wait on the phone. Custom windows don’t have to be a chore anymore…and what’s even better is you don’t have to wait 6 – 8 weeks for your order to be fabricated. Our custom draperies ship within one to two weeks… what more could you ask for? I guess you could ask for more styles… don’t worry… we can make any style of drape, not just what’s on the website.