Window Valance Styles

A valance, i.e. a top treatment or a window topper, is a window treatment that decorates the top of a window.  There are many different styles of valances and ways that they can be hung, which may influence the style you choose.

First, there is a rod pocket style.  This simply means that the window treatment is fabricated with a pocket in it so that you can put a drapery rod through it for hanging.  The size of the pocket (normally 1 ½” or 3”) will Continue reading…

Giving your Home a New Look with New Window Treatments

Did you know that you don’t have to do a major remodel or paint job in order to give your home a new look? It’s true. By changing your window treatments you can change the look of room instantaneously and with little effort.

Want to spice it up a little more…add a couple matching decorative throw pillows in the room. What better time to give your home a new look, than during the spring?

You can go from having a valance on your window to having curtains as your window treatment. Or change your current valance window treatment to a new fabric that you just love and add solid colored rod pocket panels to hang beneath your valance and have the tiebacks made in the same fabric as your valance to give your room a decorator touch.

There are so many options these days when it comes to window treatments and we are here to assist you with any questions you have.

New Valance Styles – Spring/Summer 2009

We asked, we listened and for those who gave us their input… we followed through!Yes, we asked all of our registered users for input on new ideas for valances we received a lot of great suggestions. Based on those suggestions, we came out with seven new valance styles within the past couple of months. We have a couple valances that offer a shorter length than most of our standard valances as well as having a couple that can be hung on a decorative rod or decorative medallions. So far the new valances have had a great response from everyone. Just this week we came out with our Wesley Valance. This valance is similar to the ever so popular Grandeur Valance except that it does not have bottom scallops, which restrict the sizes the valance can be made. The Wesley Valance can be made any size in one inch increments so that customers can still have the double layer tailored look and the use of ball fringe or scalloped fringe. This style also looks great when it is used as a gathered valance as opposed to a flat tailored look.

New Window Treatment Valance Styles

Our Stagecoach Valance is unlike most other Stagecoach valances as it has a 3” rod pocket so that you can use a decorative pole for an outside mounted window treatment or a tension rod for an inside mounted window treatment. The valance comes in one inch increments so that you can fit it to your specific window. The Stagecoach valance is a stationary and is made to give you the illusion of being a board mounted shade.
The Arched Valance is a great choice for those seeking a simplistic yet professional looking window treatment. The Arched valance can be made in a span of one inch increments so that you get the exact size you need. Decorative trim is applied to the bottom for a final decorative touch. Like the Stagecoach valance, the Arched valance can also be hung on a decorative pole, inside mounted on a tension rod or can be used on a standard continental rod, so it is very versatile.