Window Valances

Window valances were once used just to cover plain curtain rods as they were unsightly. Today valances are used on windows for decorating purposes. They are a great way to add color and softness to a room as well.

Valances come in many shapes and sizes, some lay flat, some are shirred onto a rod for fullness, some drape over rods, and some are hung by loops on decorative knobs or tiebacks. Each of the styles of valances mentioned range from traditional to more contemporary styles.

Sometimes the style of window valance is chosen by the window and wall design, such as possibly not having the space to mount a rod, or having a bay or bow window where mounting decorative knobs is the best avenue rather than trying to use brackets and rod connectors to make a rod work appropriately (or let’s just say it can be less hassle).

So whether you consider yourself a traditional, modern, country, conservative or contemporary, there is a style of valance suited for your personal style.

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