Measuring for Swags on Standard Curtain Rods

When trying to determine how many of our semi-custom swags you will need for your window, first determine your rod width.

We give several suggestions to swag combination’s on the website and we are more than happy to assist you in determining how many and what width swags you will need for your windows if you don’t see your size rod on the site.

So if you want to try it on your own lets determine how many swags you need. You will always want the width of the swags to be wider than your window rod to allow for overlap if you do not want to use pelmets.

So if your window is 100” then you could dress it with three 38” swags (38×3=114) this will give you 7” of overlap for each swag (three swags = 2 overlaps).

We suggest anywhere from 6” to 15” of overlap depending on personal preference. The more overlap you have the fuller the swags will appear on your window.

If you prefer using decorative pelmets with your swag and jabots you will not want to overlap your swags. The pelmets should be placed at the point where 2 swags come together.

Keep in mind you can use different sized (width) swags on the same window if you are using them in combination’s of three, such as two 38” swags and one 29” swag or one 44” swag.

When using one in a different width, make sure you place that swag in the center of the three.

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