Flat Drapery Panels

One of the nice things about Flat Drapery panels is that they can be used as functional drapes. Typically if you wanted a drape that could function as well as look good, you were either using a pleated style, grommet style or a tabbed style of drape.

The Flat Drapery panel offers a casual appeal that many of today’s consumers are drawn to.  The panels look clean and simple yet classy and are easy to open and close, not a lot of fussiness.

Standard lining will work well on these panels, however, whenever using light weight fabrics, we recommend using classic napped lining for extra body, fullness and drape-ablility.

Grommet Choices for your Valances or Panels

When ordering your grommet panels or valances you have the option of ordering different colored finishes such as nickel, antique brass, brass or black as well as different shapes such as round, square or diamond.

The most obvious of grommet shapes would be your standard round grommet. If you want to give your grommet window treatments a fresh look, take a look at the square or diamond set grommets.

Basically we can take a square grommet and set them on the window treatment to actually look square or we can set them to appear as diamond shaped. These new grommet shapes are becoming a new fashion trend and can take an ordinary grommet window treatment and make it extraordinary.

Who said grommets had to be round? And yes the diamond and square set grommets still work with standard round poles up to 1 3/8” in diameter!