Table Runners

We get asked quite often what the standard overhang should be on a table runner. Well our answer to that question is there is no right or wrong. Table runners can be used down the center of a table with no overhang at all. When having your runner on the top of the table with no overhang we suggest having it made about 4”-6” shorter than the actual table top.
If you prefer traditional styling and want an overhang for your table runner there are a couple things to consider. First are you using straight ends or tapered ends? When using tapered ends we would suggest adding 16”-18” to the table top length in order for the tapered ends to completely clear on each side. If you are using straight ends we suggest adding 13-18”. If you are adding a trim to the straight ends of your runner you may want to opt for adding no more than 14” as the trim will add to the overall length as well. There really is no rule of thumb here, it is more a question of personal preference, just keep in mind that a runner (if wanting to overhang) should hang at least 6” on each side or we feel it will look like it was made to fit a smaller table.

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