Don’t Forget Some Color Variation

Color is fun and exciting, but it is contrast, or differences in values that often make the room design successful. Without contrast in value between your walls, furniture and window treatments the colors will blend together and your room will get lost in itself. Don’t be afraid to add some color – contrast in colors will clarify and add depth to your room. If you like neutral colored home decor fabrics for your drapes, no problem, just don’t forget to add that colorful table runner and decorative throw pillows to spice up your room!

New Valance Styles – Spring/Summer 2009

We asked, we listened and for those who gave us their input… we followed through!Yes, we asked all of our registered users for input on new ideas for valances we received a lot of great suggestions. Based on those suggestions, we came out with seven new valance styles within the past couple of months. We have a couple valances that offer a shorter length than most of our standard valances as well as having a couple that can be hung on a decorative rod or decorative medallions. So far the new valances have had a great response from everyone. Just this week we came out with our Wesley Valance. This valance is similar to the ever so popular Grandeur Valance except that it does not have bottom scallops, which restrict the sizes the valance can be made. The Wesley Valance can be made any size in one inch increments so that customers can still have the double layer tailored look and the use of ball fringe or scalloped fringe. This style also looks great when it is used as a gathered valance as opposed to a flat tailored look.

Custom Shower Curtains in Extra Wide and Extra Long Lengths

Whether you can’t find a ready made shower curtain the size you need or are just tired of the same old beach scenes and fish patterns that you typically find in ready made lines then its time for a custom shower curtain! Whether you need an extra long shower curtain to be 96” in length or and extra wide shower curtain 100” in width, we’ve got you covered! We can custom make your shower curtain the size you need in any of our 350 fabrics, or if you have a fabric of your own, then we can use that instead.
Custom shower curtains are a great way to let you personalize your bathroom in beautiful decorative fabrics. Need a matching window treatment for your bathroom window? No problem, you can have a window treatment made to match your custom shower curtain and give your bathroom a fresh new look! It is amazing what a new shower curtain, window treatment and coordinating towels can do for bathroom and all in a matter of minutes!

Is Custom Bedding Right for You?

Custom bedding is getting more and more popular for several reasons. One of the first reasons it is gaining in popularity is that a lot of the ready made bedding available these days, has been steadily going lower and lower on the quality scale for the past several years. Sure when you look in magazine or online at the different pictures everything looks beautiful, but that is what the photographers are getting paid for. Once you see these products in person there is a whole new story and you wonder how on earth they made it look so good in the pictures.
Secondly, there are so many different mattresses out there and they all have a different thickness to them, sometimes ready made bedding just won’t fit properly on these new thicker mattress and a customer must then look to custom made bedding so that they can outfit their bedrooms. Lastly there are unlimited fabrics out there and consumers simply love the idea that they can choose any fabric they want create the look for their bedroom and know that it is quite possibly one of a kind.

Decorating for Today

While the economy is definitely not at its best, we have found that a huge number of our customers are focusing on their homes interior. Many have stated that they have cut back on the amount spent on eating out and other amusements and are focusing on getting more bang for their buck by giving their home an inexpensive makeover. A quick makeover is especially helpful since they are getting back to basics and doing home entertaining with family and friends and want their homes to look inviting and new. Most have agreed that it was an overdue task to begin with and has always been on their “to do” lists but found that they were always on the run and it just never got done.
They now have the time to give their home a fresh coat of paint and some new interior items such as window treatments and throw pillows , they are excited about their long awaited projects.We receive tons of calls and emails from our customers asking advice on fabrics, styles and trims.Our experts love to help and want to ensure our customer’s projects go smoothly and cause them the least amount of stress.
Being able to coordinate all of their products at one time is what we are hearing helps significantly in putting their projects together. Using the internet and not having to run around store to store and wasting time and effort best spend elsewhere is another plus to our customers!

Custom Bedding Makes a Great Gift

What better way to spoil Mom this Christmas than with the gift of warm, cozy, beautiful custom bedding.  Ranging from dust ruffles that can fabricated in any drop length you need to bedspreads or decorative throw pillows, and pillow shams our custom bedding comes in over 350 fabrics to choose from.  New custom bedding is a cost effective technique to changing the overall look and feel of a room, without a lot of hassle. Plus, you will sleep better and feel great in our luxurious bedding. All of our products can also be fabricated in a fabric of your own, call us today for a quote at 1.866.444.6818.

Extra Long or Wide Shower Curtains

Extra long shower curtains and extra wide shower curtains are no problem! Our fabric shower curtains can be made in any of our 350 decorative fabrics or in a fabric of your own. Since everything is made per order, you can get the exact size shower curtain for your needs. Want to hang your curtain from a ceiling shower curtain track? No problem! Our extra long shower curtains are available in lengths to 96” on website (call if you need something a bit longer) and can be made up to 100” wide for those who like full shower curtains or just have an extra wide shower area.
So if you really want to give your bathroom an upscale makeover and are tired of the same old shower curtain prints you find in every department store, order a custom extra long, wide or standard sized shower in an upscale decorative fabric and turn your bathroom look from ordinary into extraordinary.

Chair Seat Cushions Add Flare to Your Holiday Gatherings

Chair seat cushions are a great compliment to a finely adorned holiday table. Not only do chair cushions make your table look fantastic, they also are extremely comfortable. Our cushions come in over 350 different fabrics which can be paired with our custom table runners, napkins, placements, and dining room swag curtains for an elegant look. Our chair seat cushions come in two sizes to fit standard and extra deep chairs. They also come with 3″ attached chair ties and four circle tacks which simulate buttons.

Turn Your House Into a Home with Custom Bedding

Custom bedding is one of those simple design touches that can transform an ordinary house into the warm, inviting home you desire.  We offer a full selection of custom comforters, dust ruffles, duvet covers, and bedspreads in over 350 different fabrics! We can custom design your bedding to match your curtains  or decorative throw pillows.  As an additional benefit for our customers, you can also send us fabric that you have already purchased to make you the bedding of your dreams.  We pride ourselves on our high quality work and excellent customer service. You will find the entire process, from design to delivery, fast, easy, and worry-free.

What Window Treatment is Right for You?

When you are trying to find that perfect window treatment for you window, keep in mind most homes today use a combination of window treatments on their windows.You can use a pleated shade with a valance topper, full length pleated drapes with an upholstered cornice, or possibly you want to use a Roman shade with a throw scarf topper. Your choices in window treatments today are endless.
Window treatments play an important role in your homes interior. They can add refinement, style, color, texture and warmth to an otherwise cold and boring room. Window treatments can be used lightly on a window to accentuate a beautiful view or they can be used heavily to give your home privacy and insulation.
The most important thing to always remember when choosing a window treatment or any other home décor product is that you are the one who has to live with your home’s furnishings – make sure you love the style and fabrics you choose – don’t decorate your home with the thought of others in mind. Trying to decorate with the latest colors and styles doesn’t always make your home your home.