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Grandeur Valance


Note: Selecting a fabric will not update the product image


Note: Selecting a fabric will not update the product image

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The Grandeur Valance is another of our beautifully made valances that can give you the illusion of being a custom board mounted top treatment with its flat rod pocket.  The Grandeur Valance is available in 6 widths: 50", 63", 78", 100", 124" and 150" and is one of our most popular styles. Your choice of scalloped fringe, ball fringe or braid trim applied to the bottom of the top layer. A contrast fabric on the bottom layer of this treatment gives this valance a custom look as well as being a great value.


Grandeur Valance

  • Available in 6 widths - 50", 63",  78", 100", 124" and 150"
  • 14" at shortest length and 16" at longest length.
  • Choice of any 2 fabrics - Select a main fabric for top layer and a contrast fabric for bottom layer.
  • The valance is lined.
  • Choice of scalloped fringe or ball fringe to be applied to the bottom edge of the top layer - please choose scalloped fringe , ball fringe or braid fringe from the drop down menu where indicated.  You also have the choice of having us choose the best matched for you.  View the colors of trims below where indicated.
  • 3" rod pocket
  • Fits 2 1/2" Continental rod.
  • Valance can be hung to fit on the rod with no gathering or can also be used as a gathered valance at 1 1/2 times approximate fullness. Questions? Call us at 1-866-444-6818.

View trim choices:

scalloped fringe

ball fringe

braid fringe

 Suggested rod sizes for FLAT look: (based on 3.5", 4" or 5" returns) Or order the size up to one and a half times the length of your rod including the returns.

  • 50" width fits 40-43" rod width
  • 63" width fits 53-56" rod width 
  • 78" width fits 68-71" rod width
  • 100" width fits 90-93" rod width
  • 124" width fits 114-117" rod width
  • 150" width fits 140-143" rod width

Grandeur shown gathered on rod not flat: