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Box Pleat Valance


Note: Selecting a fabric will not update the product image


Note: Selecting a fabric will not update the product image

Valid Ranges: 0-150

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The Box Pleat Valance is a tailored valance that can be made any width up to 150", so that you get a perfect fit. The Box Pleat valance gives you the option to use two fabrics, one main fabric for the boxes and rod pocket and another fabric for the inverted pleats. However, if you prefer to have the valance sewn in just one fabric, just choose the same fabric in both selections.  This valance offers a custom look and has clean lines. Shown with optional contrast buttons, it is standard without buttons.


Box Pleat Valance

  • Available any width up to 150" by 1 inch increments - see special feature below. 
  • Length is 15"
  • If using the valance on a decorative pole with no returns or a tension rod with no returns, please tell us that in the comment se
  • This valance is fully lined and has contrasting fabric in pleats. Select a primary fabric for valance and a contrasting fabric for pleats. 
  • Optional contrast fabric covered buttons can be applied at the top of each pleat for a more decorative look- picture shows optional contrast buttons. 
  • Valance should fit on your rod including the returns with no gathering. We suggest adding one additional inch to your width for good measure.
  • 3" rod pocket.
  • Fits on 2 1/2" continental rod.
  • This valance is not recommended in plaid or striped fabrics - if you would like to use a plaid or striped fabric please see the Box Pleat II Valance.

Special feature:

This valance can be made in 1 inch increments so that you get the exact fit you need.  Example:  if your rod width is 42" and your returns are 4" you would need a 50" valance (42 + 4 + 4). We suggest adding an additional inch for good measure.

Video on how to measure for Flat Style Valances