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Triangle Valance


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The Triangle Valance is a three piece valance that gives you the impression of being a board mounted window treatment.  The popular Triangle Valance style comes standard with self cording on the bottom of the valance. Additional center valance pieces can be used for curtain rods wider than 48". 


Triangle Valance

  • This is a 3 piece valance set.
  • Fits rods between 32 - 48" - see below sizing recommendations for wider rods.
  • For wider windows, order additional center pieces.
  • Valance is lined and self corded on the bottom. 
  • The center measures 23" wide x 18 long.
  • The sides measures 19" wide x 18" long.
  • Valance has a 1 1/2" rod pocket and fits on a 1" double curtain rod. Side pieces go on front rod and center piece is put on back rod and flipped over the front.
  • If you using more than one center piece the use of a triple 1" rod may be needed.

Sizing Recommendations: (only use the width of the front of the rod)

3 piece set:             32" - 48" wide rods
Add 1 extra center:  47" - 66" wide rods
Add 2 extra centers: 62" - 85" wide rods
Add 3 extra centers: 77" - 103" wide rods
Add 4 extra centers: 92" - 122" wide rods