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Scalloped Soft Cornice


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Valid Ranges: 20-92

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The Scalloped Soft Cornice is a board mounted window treatment that utilizes side legs that are attached to the top board so that the fabric can be pulled tight across the front of the treatment to form a flat cornice box like appearance. Comes standard with a 1/4" self covered cording on the bottom of the window treatment. The side legs reduce the inside measurement of the window treatment by 1 1/2", so you must add 2" to your width when ordering.


Scalloped Soft Cornice

  • Available in one inch increments to 92" width.
  • Length is 18" at the long point.
  • 1/4" self cording is standard on the bottom of the treatment.
  • Lined in lining.
  • 3 1/2" or 5 1/2" projection - please specify.
  • The number of scallops depends on the width of the treatment.
  • Side legs are 1" shorter than the finished length of the treatment .
  • Add 2" to width you need when placing order as the cornice legs will reduce the inside measurement of your treatment by 1 1/2" - please call if you have any questions regarding getting the correct size ordered.
  • Due to shipping restrictions, the side legs will not be attached for treatments over 55" wide and will need to be attached once you receive the order (This is a simple procedure that requires a screw driver. The hardware will be provided).