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Regal Valance


Note: Selecting a fabric will not update the product image


Note: Selecting a fabric will not update the product image

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The Regal Valance is a 7 piece set.  This valance gives you the illusion that it is a custom board mounted window treatments.  The jabots and bells on this valance are lined in a complementary fabric of your choice, which really adds to the appeal.  Additional bells and swoops should be purchased for rods over 48" in width.
Regal Valance

  • Valance is made with 7 pieces.
  • Choice of two fabrics - main fabric and a contrast fabric.
  • 2 swoops - 15" width x 15 1/2" length and fully lined.
  • 3 bells - 5" width x 15" length - lined in contrast fabric you choose.
  • 1 pair jabots 36" length pleated to 6" face width with 3 1/2" return - lined in contrast fabric. 
  • Fits 1" double rod.
  • Min. rod size - 42" / Max. rod size - 48". Jabots and swoops are placed on front rod and bells are placed on back rod and flipped over the front.
  • No plaid or stripe is recommended for main face fabric.
  • Additional bells and swoops may be added for wider windows. Each swoop and bell will add 15" -17 in width to your valance. Sold as a set 1 swoop and 1 bell.

Recommended Sizing:

  • Standard 7 piece set - fits rods 42" - 48"
  • With 1 additional swoop/bell set - fits rods 57" to 65"
  • With 2 additional swoop/bell sets - fits rods 72" to 82"

How to Hang Regal Valance