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Rectangular Self Corded Pillow


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The Rectangular Pillow has 1/4" self cording on all sides and are available in two sizes, 12x18 or 14x20. Using pillows of different shapes and sizes is a great way to add variety to your room. Decorative trims can be applied to give your pillow a unique look and make it one of a kind. Pillows are used many times to pull the colors of a room together or to possibly add some contrast to a room.

Self Corded Rectangular Pillow

  • Available in 2 sizes - 12x18 or 14x20
  • Pillow has 1/4" self cording on all sides.
  • Decorative trims or contrast fabric cording available as options.
  • If you opt for contrast fabric cording - put the name of the fabric for the cording on the trim color line.
  • If you opt for an optional trim- the trim will be applied to all sides and will replace the self cording.

          Decorative Trim Options:

There are ten decorative trims that can be added to this pillow.  Please indicate the color and item number in the box provided to the right. Please keep in mind the standard self cording will be replaced with the optional trim you choose.