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Iris Valance


Note: Selecting a fabric will not update the product image


Note: Selecting a fabric will not update the product image

Valid Ranges: 32-40, 48-52, 64-72, 80-88, 96-104, 112-120, 128-136, 144-152

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The Iris Valance offers a scalloped top layer with your choice of two trims and a straight bottom layer.  The Iris valance should lie flat on your rod as shown for a tailored look or can be shirred onto your rod if you don't like the tailored look. This style is similar to our popular Grandeur valance, but you have more sizing options with the Iris valance.


Iris Valance

  • Available in 8 size ranges up to 152" width.
  • Length is:  16" bottom layer - 14" long point on top layer.
  • Your choice of any two fabrics.
  • Your choice of ball fringe, braid fringe, scalloped fringe or no fringe.
  • Top layer is unlined - bottom layer is fully lined.
  • 3" rod pocket - fits on 2 1/2" continental rod.
  • Valance widths are in ranges - choose the size range you need and indicate in the box the actual width you need (within that range).
  • When using as a flat style valance as shown above this valance should fit onto your rod with no gathering. You must add width of your rod plus the width of each return/projection (the space from the wall to the front of the rod)  ex:  40 + 4 + 4 = 48" width to order.
  • The wider the valance, the more scallops you will have.

View Trim Options/Colors below:

Scalloped Fringe
Ball Fringe
Braid Fringe

 Sizes Available:

32" - 40"
48" - 52"
64" - 72"
80" - 88"
96" - 104"
112" - 120"
128" - 136"
144" - 152"