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Inverted Pleat Drapes


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Valid Ranges: 29-136
Valid Ranges: 0-120

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The Inverted Pleat drapery style offers an up do date look in pleated drapes. Instead of the pleat protruding from the panel, pleat is inverted for a modern and tailored uniform appearance. The Inverted pleat curtain style should primarily be used a decorative stationary panels or when a tight stack back is not needed.


Inverted Pleat

  • Sold as a pair of drapes (2 panels). - Call us if you need single panels.
  • Standard 2.5 times (250%) custom fullness.
  • Should be used as decorative stationary panels - non functional.
  • Drapes are hand pleated and have buckram in heading for stability.
  • Drapery weights are in each corners and at each seam.
  • Patterns are matched on each panel and at each seam.
  • 1 1/2" doubled side hems for smooth even edges.
  • 4" doubled blind stitched bottom hem.
  • All drapes are lined in 100% cotton privacy lining with water repellant and UV protection.
  • For lengths over 120" call for pricing at 1-866-444-6818.
  • Need a style of pleated drapes not shown on our website, just give us a call!
  • Custom return sizes (the measurement from the wall to the front of the rod).  Covering the "side" of the rod gives a finished look to your draperies.
  • Just enter your rod width (not including finials), the return size (see line above) and the length (vertical) and we will custom pleat your drapes to fit.

Alternative Lining Choices:

1.  Blackout lining is used in place of privacy lining to filter light completely out of a room. It also provides insulation and UV protection for your drapes.

2.  Thermal lining can be used in place privacy lining for those who need better insulation properties. Thermal lining also provides better UV protection for your drapes than standard privacy lining.

3.  Classic napped lining is a high end lining that offers the look of a premium sateen lining with the added bonus of thermal and noise reduction. The outer side of the lining is a premium sateen while the inner side of the fabric has raised flannel like fibers that will add body and drapeablility to your window treatments.