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Door Panel Curtains


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Valid Ranges: 30-50
Valid Ranges: 32-72

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Our Door Panel Curtains are the perfect curtains to place on your doors windows.  Our French door panel curtains give you just enough privacy and are available in lengths from 32" to 72".  Patio door window panels are fully lined and include a single tie back.


Door Panels

  • Available in lengths from 32" - 72"
  • Panels can be sewn from 30 - 50" in width.
  • Fullness should be about 2-2 1/2 times window width. 
  • Fully lined.
  • Single tie back included.
  • 1" header on top & bottom.
  • Finished overall length includes the 2" for both headers - measure the distance from the top of the top rod to the bottom of the bottom rod then add 2" to this number. If no rod is currently up, measure your glass length (including any trim work) and add 6". This would mean the rods are mounted 2" above and below window/woodwork (permitting you have the space).
  • Fits 1" curtain rod.
  • 1 1/2" rod pocket top & bottom