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Decorative Table Runners


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Valid Ranges: 20-150

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Customize your tables with one of our decorative table runners. Add decorative tassels or trim to give it a custom designer look. Our custom table runners will beautify your table and help protect it. Our table runners can be made from 20" long to 150" long using any of our 350 fabrics. For table runners over 52", the fabric will be railroaded to alleviate the seam.

Table Runner

  • Table runners can be made from 20" - 150" long. (Call if need longer length).
  • 14" wide
  • Table runners are self lined (fabric is on both sides).
  • You can choose to have tapered ends or straight ends. 
  • Each tapered end will measure approximately 7 - 7 1/2" and is included in the overall length - please take this into consideration when determining your overhang and the length you need when choosing tapered ends.
  • On table runners over 52" long, fabric will be railroaded to alleviate seam.
  • See trim options for both styles below.

Decorative Trim Options:

Key tassels or fes tassels can be applied on tapered ended runners as an upgrade option.

Each tapered end can have one tassel applied. (1 tassel at each end - 2 altogether), view our tassels. Please indicate the color and item number in the box provided.

Straight end style runners have 4 trim options available: ball fringe, scalloped fringe, tassel fringe #2758, or tassel fringe #1825. Trim will be applied to straight ends only (trim is not applied down the sides of the runner).