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Cuff Top Valance with Loops


Note: Selecting a fabric will not update the product image


Note: Selecting a fabric will not update the product image

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The Cuff Top Valance with Loops is hung on medallions and will give a fresh look to your windows. The Cuff Top Valance with loops gives your the choice of using two fabrics. This style is to used when hanging your valance with medallion tiebacks.  The Cuff Top Valance will make a great addition in most room settings and will work well in bay windows.  This valance will accommodate windows from 26" to 107". 


Cuff Top Valance

  • Choice of two fabrics.
  • Valance is fully lined in the contrasting fabric which shows on the cuffs.
  • 9 sizes to accommodate windows 26" - 107" - call if you need a wider width.
  • Shown with optional tassel fringe applied.
  • Choice of six optional trims to can be applied to the bottom of the valance- if you choose this upgrade option, please indicate the trim color you want where indicated. If you are unsure of which color, type you choose and we will choose best matched for the fabric (within the trim selection you choose).
  • Hang with decorative knobs & post extensions - loop style.
  • 18" short point and 26" long point (not including trim).
  • Directional fabrics can not be used for contrast fabric as it will appear upside down on the fold down cuffs.
  • In calculating number posts and knobs to purchase - you will need one more than the cuff size you order.  (ie:  6 cuffs have 7 loops)
  • To calculate knob spacing - take the width to be covered and divide by number of cuffs on valance.
  •  We suggest placing your posts/medallions about 4" above your window.

Sizing: based on window width including wood moldings:

4 cuff fits 26" - 35" windows
5 cuff fits 34" - 43" windows
6 cuff fits 43" - 51" windows
7 cuff fits 51" - 59" windows
8 cuff fits 59" - 67" windows
9 cuff fits 67" - 75" windows
10 cuff fits 75" - 84" windows
11 cuff fits 84" - 91" windows
12 cuff fits 91" - 99" windows
13 cuff fits 99" - 107" windows 

View trim options here:

#1825 Tassel Fringe
#2758 Tassel Fringe
Ball Fringe
Scalloped Fringe