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Casual Roman Shades


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Valid Ranges: 12-72
Valid Ranges: 12-72

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Casual Roman Shades are a great alternative to regular blinds or window shades. This style features a gentle curve along the bottom hem, plus built in fullness at the bottom resulting in a look that is less structured and more free flowing. Our Roman Shades are mounted on a 1 1/2" board and offer your window and room plenty of color and texture. Each shade is hand made and are custom sized so that you get a perfect fit for your window. 


Casual Roman Shades

  • Custom made - board mounted with a 1 1/2" projection.
  • Fully lined in 100% cotton privacy lining.
  • Available as inside or outside mount.
  • For inside mounts - do not deduct any width, we will take the correct deduction.
  • Use decimals when showing fractions in sizes - please re-input sizes in comment section using fractions.
  • Draw cords can be placed on the left or right side.
  • All of our shades come standard with Roll-Ease soft shade lift system which enhances the shade with smoother lifting, lowering and securing with one continuous cord. 
  • Sides of roman shade are pillow cased and the bottom hem is double 1 1/2".
  • Roman shades comes with a 3/8" weight bar at the bottom.
  • Rings are individually sewn on and are spaced 5 to 8 inches apart vertically and 9 to 12 inches apart horizontally.
  • Optional blackout lining or classic napped lining are available.
  • Optional trims can be applied to bottom of shades - please call.