Curtain and Drape Styles

Curtains and drapes are great sources for giving a room privacy and or possibly blocking light or just to give it a decorative flair.  Curtains and drapes come in many styles, lengths, fabrics and textures. Once upon a time drapes were used as a means for insulating also, but with the efficiency and UV protection available on today’s windows, this is becoming less of a need anymore. Lets talk a little about the different styles of curtains we offer.

In today’s market tab top curtains are a very popular choice for providing privacy in the evenings, letting the light in during the day and offering a relaxed yet stylish look in today’s busy households.

The Back Tab Drape style is very refreshing and contemporary and will work well in a modern setting or in a traditional setting.  This newer curtain style can be used as a functional or stationary panel.

Pinch pleat drapes are an icon in the window treatment industry and will never go out of style.  These drapes are great for your more formal rooms, however, they are being used more often in less formal atmospheres with the use of decorative traverse rods or simply a decorative pole with rings. These window treatments when used on a traverse rod and are opened and closed by a corded pulley system.  Pinch pleat drapes are usually pleated to 2 1/2 times fullness to obtain the proper fullness.

There are of course your standard rod pocket style drape that are great sources to use under valances or alone, they can be tied back, opened or closed and offer a great look in any room. Rod pocket curtains are normally made with a 1 1/2 or 3 rod pocket depending on how you plan on displaying them. Normally if you are using the rod pocket panels under a valance a 1 1/2 rod pocket with no header would be used.  If you plan on displaying the curtain without a valance then you would normally want a standard 3 rod pocket with or without a header or heading.

Stationary drapery panels are again normally associated with the more formal decor, since they are stationary they remain open and still at all times, this type of drape is not the type of drape you would typically tie back. These drapery panels look best when used with a decorative pole in a rich fabric.

Lastly there is all the functional uniform grommet top drapery panels.  Grommet panels are a contemporary modern curtain that offers casual yet very stylish decor to your room.  The word grommet in this case is referring to a hole that is made in the drapery material that is reinforced with a metal ring.  The grommets are available in several finishes, antique brass, antique copper, black,  brass or nickel.  A decorative pole no larger than 1 3/8 should be weaved in and out of the grommets when hanging this treatment.

As you can see there are many types of drapes today designed to accommodate a diverse assortment of tastes and budgets. For those that need drapes over 120″ length or would like to use interlining just give us a call with your specifics and we will get you a custom quote.

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