What Window Treatment is Right for You?

When you are trying to find that perfect window treatment for you window, keep in mind most homes today use a combination of window treatments on their windows.You can use a pleated shade with a valance topper, full length pleated drapes with an upholstered cornice, or possibly you want to use a Roman shade with a throw scarf topper. Your choices in window treatments today are endless.
Window treatments play an important role in your homes interior. They can add refinement, style, color, texture and warmth to an otherwise cold and boring room. Window treatments can be used lightly on a window to accentuate a beautiful view or they can be used heavily to give your home privacy and insulation.
The most important thing to always remember when choosing a window treatment or any other home décor product is that you are the one who has to live with your home’s furnishings – make sure you love the style and fabrics you choose – don’t decorate your home with the thought of others in mind. Trying to decorate with the latest colors and styles doesn’t always make your home your home.

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