Things to Consider For Your Made to Order Custom Curtains

When decorating your home or office, the window treatments you select add greatly to the tone and taste you want to express.  Off-the-shelf just won’t do when you want to create a perfect one-of-a-kind look.  This is where made to order window treatments come into play.  Want a customized look?  Here are some tips to consider before placing your order.

Tone.  What is the tone of the room?  Do you want something formal or informal?  Maybe you prefer blinds or shades for a more casual look or elegant custom made draperies with matching valances.

Flow.  Often rooms in an open floor plan flow from one to another.  When selecting your custom window treatments, consider how each window in the open area affects another.  No need to be matchy-matchy, but they should flow smoothly.

Lifestyle.  Consider the function of each room.  Do you need heavier draperies for privacy or will softer curtains suffice?  Do you have pets that might destroy blinds that come within reach or children that might want to play hide-n-seek in your draperies?

View.  What is seen through the windows?  Maybe you want to let natural light in but need privacy once the sun goes down.  Maybe your view is spectacular and you want an unobstructed view or just the ability to lower a blind to keep the bright sun out from time to time.

Made to order window treatments are the perfect way to custom fit your home or office by picking more than just a pretty color for your draperies or custom curtains!

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