Thermal Lined Curtains

Well it is easy for us here at Fashion Window Treatments to tell when the cooler weather has arrived as we receive a lot more orders for thermal lined curtains and draperies.

For those who are unfamiliar with thermal lining, it is a used in place of standard drapery lining and is normally either white or ivory in color, just like standard drapery lining.

Thermal lining, however, has a thin layer of rubberized material bonded to the lining fabric which adds thermal qualities to the lining. Thermal lining will help block the cold air drafts from windows in the cooler months and the baking heat from the sun in the warmer months.

Most consumers focus more on the cooler weather capabilities of the lining as opposed to the warmer weather capabilities, or just don’t realize that thermal lining can also be used to keep your home cooler in the summer as well, which is really great for those in the deep south.

Regardless of where you live, thermal lining is a great choice is assisting with the costs of utility bills.

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