2022 Paint Color Trends

It’s settled, 2022 will be filled with shades of green! Organic, earthy tones are in style and it’s really no surprise. Plants and botanicals are becoming increasingly popular to have in homes. The gentle presence of plants and shades of green are calming and inviting – two of the most important things you want your home to be! So let’s reconnect with nature and find you the perfect window treatment, pillow, or custom bedding to go with these 2022 trends. 

While we love the monochromatic feel, there were several other colors that made the cut for top colors of 2022. Soft and subtle tones with pops of rich, dramatic jewel hues were also winners for next year’s color palette. All of these shades bring richness and warmth into the home while complimenting the organic feel of the green palette above. 

Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore all had similar yellow and reddish hues on their palette for 2022. 

Behr’s picks are light and earthy with a pop of the  blue to bring a refreshing, welcoming color into your home. 

Sherwin Williams picked similar, yet richer shades for their pallet. If Behr’s After Rain doesn’t appeal to you, Moody Blue is a great alternative. 

Benjamin Moore had several shades of green on the list this year! Fernwood green is more vibrant than their winner, October Mist. And Mysterious will add a dramatic, rich effect wherever it’s used. 

Check out all the fabrics we chose to perfectly match the 2022 paint colors of the year from various brands! Here’s to a beautiful year of you refreshing your homes with Fashion Window Treatments! Don’t forget to order your free fabric swatches today!