Don’t Forget Some Color Variation

Color is fun and exciting, but it is contrast, or differences in values that often make the room design successful. Without contrast in value between your walls, furniture and window treatments the colors will blend together and your room will get lost in itself. Don’t be afraid to add some color – contrast in colors will clarify and add depth to your room. If you like neutral colored home decor fabrics for your drapes, no problem, just don’t forget to add that colorful table runner and decorative throw pillows to spice up your room!

Decorating for Today

While the economy is definitely not at its best, we have found that a huge number of our customers are focusing on their homes interior. Many have stated that they have cut back on the amount spent on eating out and other amusements and are focusing on getting more bang for their buck by giving their home an inexpensive makeover. A quick makeover is especially helpful since they are getting back to basics and doing home entertaining with family and friends and want their homes to look inviting and new. Most have agreed that it was an overdue task to begin with and has always been on their “to do” lists but found that they were always on the run and it just never got done.
They now have the time to give their home a fresh coat of paint and some new interior items such as window treatments and throw pillows , they are excited about their long awaited projects.We receive tons of calls and emails from our customers asking advice on fabrics, styles and trims.Our experts love to help and want to ensure our customer’s projects go smoothly and cause them the least amount of stress.
Being able to coordinate all of their products at one time is what we are hearing helps significantly in putting their projects together. Using the internet and not having to run around store to store and wasting time and effort best spend elsewhere is another plus to our customers!