Pleated Drapes Always in Style

Not your grandmother’s curtains anymore, custom pleated draperies have expanded beyond the traditional pinched pleated to paneled, poofed, puddled, and more!

Pinch pleated draperies are time-honored window treatments that fit almost all decorating styles.  Simple and elegant, the top of the pleated drapes are accented with uniform pleats. But did you know that there is a variety of pleats you can choose from when ordering made to order window treatments?

Beside the standard three finger pinch pleats you are probably most familiar with, custom draperies can be ordered in a variety of pleating styles such as Goblet, Windsor or French pleats for an even more special look.

Goblet pleated draperies are made by pinching the fabric beneath the cup pleat, forming three vertical pleats beneath, producing a goblet shape to each pleat. Windsor pleats are much like the Goblet pleat, however, instead of leaving the “goblet” as is, it gets tacked down on the sides as shown here:

dust ruffles

French pinch pleats are often referred to as upside down pinch pleats. The fabric is pinched at the top of the pleat as opposed to the bottom. This style is considered to be more casual than the traditional pinch pleated draperies and is becoming more and more popular among decorators.

Beyond pleated drapes, styles now include simple flat drapery panels and grommet panels. It’s also not often that a puddle in your living room is a good idea but extra- long draperies that “puddle” or “pool” on the floor beneath can be elegant and sophisticated.

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