Dust Ruffles Do More Than Prevent Dust Bunnies

So just what are dust ruffles you ask?  Dust ruffles are those decorative pieces of fabric that hide your bed frame and bottom boxed mattress.  Today they are also referred to as bed skirts. They’ve been known to prevent dust bunnies from gathering beneath your bed too!

Beds today come in all sorts of sizes.  From king-sized to queen or twin to extra-long, low profile or high profile. It is nearly impossible to find dust ruffles that fit perfectly.

This is where custom sized dust ruffles save the day!  With made to measure custom bed skirts, you can have dust ruffles made to the exact dimensions required for your particular mattress size and height.

You may also want to consider using the same dust ruffle fabric for your accent pillows or curtains to complete the look of your room in high style. There are a couple of different styles of dust ruffle styles.

They can be gathered or tailored for a more modern look.  With no standard bed height, custom sized dust ruffles are the perfect answer to your “new bed” size dilemma.

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