Drapery Lengths

Below are the typical lengths people use for their draperies. Most of the time the length ordered will be one of personal preference.

We suggest starting by hanging your drapery rod approximately 4” above your window. For a more dramatic look, you can mount your curtain rods as high as your ceiling, this works especially well for standard 8 foot ceilings and is a popular choice in decorating these days.

Floor-Length – Floor length draperies should just touch the floor or hang only 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the floor. Floor-length draperies are a popular choice for many decor styles and homeowners.

Trouser-Length – Trouser length draperies offer a blend of floor length and puddle-length draperies by extending curtain fabric just 1 to 2 inches past the floor.

Puddle Length – Puddle-length draperies work well for a formal or historical look for your room. Puddle length draperies extend anywhere from 4 to 9 inches beyond the floor for a “puddle” effect of fabric on the floor. We do not recommend puddle length draperies in high traffic areas or for functional drapes, only for stationary panels.

Sill-Length – Sill length draperies typically hang at the bottom of the sill up to about 3” below the sill for a more casual look or to accommodate items below the window, such as radiators or furniture. For safety reasons, sill length curtains are a popular choice for children’s rooms.

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