Decorative Trimmings

Decorative trims and tassels are a popular addition to many of today’s window treatments and accessories. We offer several different types of trims, fringes and tassels that can be incorporated onto many of the pillows, table decor and window treatments we fabricate.

Trims can make an ordinary valance or table runner look extraordinary and at the same time show your personal style. Many people relate to decorative trimmings as to giving a designer look to their window treatments and accessories and the trend is growing.

Bullion fringe, for instance, is a great addition to window treatments that you want to give a Victorian look to. Our Galon Beaded trim with Organdy is an absolutely stunning trim that will give an elegant appeal to any room.

For a really fun pillow, try adding Loop Fringe. Most of the valances that can have trim applied to will give you the option of adding the trim directly on the website, however, there are some valances styles that can have trim applied, but the option to do so online is not available.

If you see a style on the site and would like a trim, but don’t see the option give us a quick call or email and we can let you know if it is an option. Not all styles of valances are suitable for a decorative trim.

Galon Beaded Trim w/ Organdy Bullion Fringe Looped Fringe

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