Decorative Pillows – A Must Have Accessory

Decorative pillows can make a huge impact in the decor of your room. Adding a few pillows is an easy way to add a bold statement or flair that can be easily changed in and out.

We highly recommend adding at least a couple of pillows that either match your window treatments or at least pick up a color you want to accentuate in your room. What is great about our decorative throw pillows is that they can be fabricated with several different trims as well.

Now obviously what sort of trim, if any, will be dependent on how you want the decorative pillow to function. Is it going to be for visual purposes only, or do you want to be able to lounge around with it as well?

We suggest using different sized pillows as well. If you know you want four pillows for your couch, don’t have them made in all the same fabric, mix it up!

Try two larger pillows in the same fabric as you window treatments and two smaller ones in a coordinating solid fabric with a nice twist cording around the perimeter or a striped fabric, the choices are endless.

There are so many options, but one thing is constant. If you look at pictures of rooms that have no pillows on the beds or couches and look at the same room that has decorative pillows scattered around, the room with the pillows look more inviting, finished and can take your room from ordinary to extraordinary.

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