Custom Sized Home Decor Furnishings

Today’s homes are all about custom looks. Let’s face it, the word “standard” is becoming obsolete.

We make custom and semi-custom home décor products. Home products like box spring mattresses, windows and shower areas are not “standard” sizes anymore.

It used to be a standard window was 36” wide, today windows come in many different shapes and sizes – the same with box spring mattresses and showers.

You used to be able to run into a store knowing that the dust ruffle you just purchased would fit the drop on your box spring because they were all basically the same height…definitely not anymore – custom length dust ruffles now are made anywhere from a 10″ drop for a low profile bed to a 24″ drop depending the style of the bed.

The same goes with today’s shower areas.

A new popular look in the bathroom is a high mounted shower curtain, often as high as 8 feet or more.  It gives the room a more dramatic look as well as adds extra fabric that can soften the look of a somewhat typical hard cold looking room.

Today we fabricate tons of extra-long shower curtains  as well as extra wide shower curtains to accommodate the growing trend. Today’s custom homes also have shower areas that are quite large and require an extra wide and long shower curtain.

So whatever your reason is for needing special custom sized shower curtains, curtains, valances we can definitely help and when you have the choice of using any of 350 fabrics or in a fabric of your own, that just makes things that much nicer.

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