Custom Extra Long and Wide Shower Curtains

Let’s face it.  Bathrooms are not what they used to be.  Today’s bathrooms have a lot of style in them, from gold faucets, beautiful tile work and cabinetry.

Extra long shower curtains are a trending item for bathrooms as well as extra wide and full shower curtains.  People are hanging their shower curtains as high as their ceiling at times and sometimes they want more fullness (or both) like their draperies have, giving a more lush look for their shower. Decorative shower curtains in upscale drapery fabrics give people decorating options that just are not available in big box stores stock line.

A couple of things we ask customer’s to consider when determining how high to hang their shower curtains is that they need to consider moisture in their bathroom.

Bathrooms that are not well ventilated should hang their extra long shower curtain down at least 12″ from their ceiling in order for the steam to escape to their ventilation fan, otherwise you may find yourself with a moldy shower constantly. While some like their shower curtain to go all the way to the floor, we suggest keeping it at least an inch off of the floor.

As far as extra wide shower curtains go, a standard tub (60″) normally takes a 72″ width shower curtain, if a customer wants the curtain fuller, we would suggest trying an 84″ width, that extra 12″ will give the curtain just enough fullness for a bit of a lusher look.

For those that prefer their custom width shower curtain to have a lot of fullness to it, our 100″ wide shower curtain should fit their bill.

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