Custom Curtain and Window Treatment Design Tips

Your ultimate goal when deciding on a custom window treatment design is to match the style of the window to the style of the window treatment.

Matching styles will bring a balance to your room and cause the entire interior design to combine creating designing harmony.

To obtain a design balance in your room you must first match the style of the window treatment to the style of the windows. For example, if designing a treatment for small windows, you should go with a simple custom window treatment to give the illusion that the window is larger than it really is.

The amount of light and how it flows into a room is a key ingredient to any successful interior design project. Your custom window treatments and the type of blinds you use will control the amount of natural light that pours into your room.

Customize your window treatment design by utilizing a variety of materials. For example, for curtains consider fabric material such as silk, wool, linen, or cotton.

Blinds or shades also are available in a variety of materials like vinyl, wood or for solid blind fabric is a popular and cost effective alternative.

When experimenting with different materials you allow yourself a creative opportunity to stumble upon a brilliant and unique custom window treatment design that is all your own.

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