Custom Bedding

Whether you are bedspread kind of person or a comforter or possibly duvet kind of person we have you covered when it comes to custom made bedding. And since we know that not all mattresses and box springs are the same size in height, we know that everyone needs a different size for their custom bedding.

One person may need a King sized custom bedspread to be 120” x 121” another person may need a 126” x 124” size. We can fabricate any size when it comes to our custom made bedspreads, comforters and coverlets up to 130” x 130”. Our duvet covers can be fabricated any width or length you need, if a size is needed other than what is seen on our website, a quick call to us can get you a quote. To measure for your beddings width (side to side) we suggest using a soft measuring tape and start from where you want the spread to hang, then up and across and back down the other side of the mattress to the same point you started from on the other side. For a bedspread, most often you will start from the floor and for a coverlet, duvet or comforter you should start at an inch below the mattress. For the length on a comforter or duvet measure from the top of the mattress down to about an inch below the mattress at the foot of the bed. Bedspreads and coverlets can use this same length except that 20” should be added to the length to accommodate the pillow tuck.
Custom bedding allows you to really use your designer instincts when coordinating the actual bedding, dust ruffles, window treatments and let’s not forget about the all important throw pillows! Don’t forget twist cording to accent and dress up your custom bedding.

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