Choosing a Fabric for your Valance

When deciding on a fabric to use on your window valances, other than the standard thought process of I really like this one, considering the vertical repeat of the fabric may be something to think about.

For the most part, a majority of window valances average 15″-18″ in length. Large vertical fabric repeats may or may not work well on a particular valance style. Fabrics with a smaller repeat will work well on any valance style. A vertical repeat is how often the same image runs vertically up the fabric. So if you see the same flower every 27″, this means the fabric has a 27″ vertical repeat.

A vertical repeat does not normally run more than 36″, which is the same as one yard of fabric. If you are choosing a valance that is 15″ in length and the vertical repeat of the fabric you like is 36″, this probably won’t work if the entire print is large as well as the repeat being large.

Some valance styles incorporate the use of two fabrics. We typically call the use of a second fabric a contrasting fabric, but really it is just another word for complementary fabric, the use of a fabric that works well with the primary fabric.

Striped and solid fabrics are typically used as complementary coordinates. When choosing fabrics for your valance or other window treatments, we are here to assist you if you need suggestions.

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