Decorative Accent Throw Pillows

Ever wonder just how many different decorative throw pillows you can make with 400 fabrics and trims? Of course you haven’t and it would take us too long to figure out. Throw pillows that coordinate with your window treatments will give your room the “wow” factor. It is one of those things that assists in giving a room a custom look. We love pillows here at Fashion Window Treatments and suggest getting pillows made in the same fabric as your window treatments as well as a coordinating fabric, such as a complementary solid fabric. Putting the solid pillow in between two of the same fabric will look fabulous on your couch or bed! Try a pillow, such as our decorative pillow or our lumbar pillow if you like decorative trims…don’t like bullion fringe? Well we make our pillows using pretty much any decorative fringe on our website, so the sky is the limit. Try buttons, our corded center button pillow looks more tailored than a standard corded pillow. Be creative, be unique and have fun while doing it… and remember… decorating is about personal style and nothing else.

Custom Bedding – Freedom at Last

We have all been there. Found the perfect comforter or duvet cover only to find out that you can’t get the size dust ruffle you need or that the set you like doesn’t have any curtains to match. Very frustrating to say the least. You would think that with all the different comforters and bedspreads available you could readily find what you need. Not so, especially if your mattress is not a standard size. And let’s face it today’s mattresses range from low profile mattresses of no more than about a 10 inch drop to higher profile mattresses up to 22 inch drops or more.There just in no such thing as a standard mattress anymore. Custom bedding allows you to purchase dust ruffles and custom comforters in the drop height needed for your particular mattress as well as offering you the flexibility to mix and match fabrics of your choice for the coordinating dust ruffles, drapes, throw pillows and shams. Need a California King dust ruffle with a 20” drop – no problem! You can have your pillows and pillow shams made using one fabric for the pillow body and another contrasting fabric on the ruffles. If you want your bedroom to look as if you hired a professional decorator – choose custom bedding! You be your own designer and get the sizes you need for a custom look without the “professional decorator” price.

Don’t Worry – We use our fabrics or yours!

Love our window treatment styles, chair cushions, custom bedding, upholstered cornices and decorative throw pillows, just not our fabrics?  Don’t worry!  We make all of our products using any of our 350 decorative fabrics or in a fabric of your own!  Decide on which window treatment or other home décor product you want made and give us a call.  We will tell you how much fabric to send in and the cost for our labor only!  It’s really that easy.  We will sew your products for you and mail them right back to you in about one week.  There is simply no easier way to have a custom looking home without paying the high costs of hiring a decorator.  Coordinate your window treatments, decorative custom sized table runners, chair pads or you valance and shower curtains and all your bedding.  You can have a beautifully decorated home at a fraction of the price!  Our consultants are available to discuss styles, fabrics and sizing with you at no additional cost.

Is Custom Bedding Right for You?

Custom bedding is getting more and more popular for several reasons. One of the first reasons it is gaining in popularity is that a lot of the ready made bedding available these days, has been steadily going lower and lower on the quality scale for the past several years. Sure when you look in magazine or online at the different pictures everything looks beautiful, but that is what the photographers are getting paid for. Once you see these products in person there is a whole new story and you wonder how on earth they made it look so good in the pictures.
Secondly, there are so many different mattresses out there and they all have a different thickness to them, sometimes ready made bedding just won’t fit properly on these new thicker mattress and a customer must then look to custom made bedding so that they can outfit their bedrooms. Lastly there are unlimited fabrics out there and consumers simply love the idea that they can choose any fabric they want create the look for their bedroom and know that it is quite possibly one of a kind.

Custom Bedding Makes a Great Gift

What better way to spoil Mom this Christmas than with the gift of warm, cozy, beautiful custom bedding.  Ranging from dust ruffles that can fabricated in any drop length you need to bedspreads or decorative throw pillows, and pillow shams our custom bedding comes in over 350 fabrics to choose from.  New custom bedding is a cost effective technique to changing the overall look and feel of a room, without a lot of hassle. Plus, you will sleep better and feel great in our luxurious bedding. All of our products can also be fabricated in a fabric of your own, call us today for a quote at 1.866.444.6818.

Turn Your House Into a Home with Custom Bedding

Custom bedding is one of those simple design touches that can transform an ordinary house into the warm, inviting home you desire.  We offer a full selection of custom comforters, dust ruffles, duvet covers, and bedspreads in over 350 different fabrics! We can custom design your bedding to match your curtains  or decorative throw pillows.  As an additional benefit for our customers, you can also send us fabric that you have already purchased to make you the bedding of your dreams.  We pride ourselves on our high quality work and excellent customer service. You will find the entire process, from design to delivery, fast, easy, and worry-free.

Decorative throw pillows in many shapes, sizes, and colors!

Decorative throw pillows come in many different shapes and we will custom sew them in the fabric of your choice!  Often throw pillows come in a standard square shape which is cute and comfortable.  There are other options to spice up your decorating and they are also functional too!  Chose from any of the following:

  • Lumbar Pillows
  • Corded Neck Roll Pillows
  • Round Pillows
  • Rectangle Pillows
  • and more!

Mix and match pillows to fit your decor.  Using different shapes and sizes together makes a unique and colorful display on your couch or bed.  Our decorative throw pillows are extra soft too!

Treat yourself to some custom bedding this season.

Custom bedding can brighten up your bedroom and show of your style.  Decorating a bedroom just the way you want it is always a fun project.  There are many nice bedroom sets to chose from at retail stores, however we offer 350 different fabrics that will be custom sewn into a bedding set just right for you.  Have the drapery curtains and throw pillows made to co-ordinate with the bedding and the room will be complete.

Custom Bedding Adds to the Unique Flare of a New House

If you are fortunate enough to experience the process of having a custom built new home, you know that choosing the right accents, such as custom bedding is very important. If you are like most first-time home builders, you have already invested the majority of your time and money in planning and selecting the perfect floorplan and building materials. However, it’s important not to skimp on the final step of decorating. Customizing the things that go inside the home is just as valuable as construction and materials used to build your home in achieving the look you desire. Custom bedding allows you to choose the exact colors and fabrics that complete your design. Custom extra long shower curtains also work well for tall shower areas that many new homes are including.

Decorative Throw Pillows Are An Inexpensive Design Trick

Adding new decorative throw pillows are just one of the many inexpensive ways you can dress up a room just in time for the holidays. Decorative throw pillows come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics to suit your design needs. For a cozy feel choose darker, warmer tones and plush fabrics. The addition of decorative throw pillows can make even the most boring couch or love-seat an inviting spot for guests.

Fishtail swag curtains are another inexpensive improvement that can add a lot of character to a room. Our Fishtail swag curtains can be ordered in different lengths to use on different sized windows and to match other key design elements in the room such as throw pillows or bedding. When choosing swag curtains, make sure you choose a fabric and color that you will be happy with year-round.