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Bella Indigo Mock Roman Valance

This valance is 55.25" in width and 18" in length. The fabric is Bella Indigo and the valance is black out lined, meaning light will not filter through the fabric. We made this valance in the wrong lining which is why is it listed in our ready to ship department. This valance is custom made and has side legs to keep the valance front taut. Since it has side legs the inside measurement will allow it to fit on windows (including woodwork) up to 53" maximum. If you have any questions, please contact us. This valance retails normally for $495. We are selling it for $175, plus you can use any discount code for additional savings. Only one valance at this price. We can make additional valances at the normal retail price.

  • 55.25" wide
  • 18" long
  • Black out lined.
  • Bella Indigo fabric.
  • Fits windows, including woodwork, up to 53".
  • $175