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Semi-Custom Valances

Welcome to our Semi-Custom Valance Department. Here you will find many different rod pocket and decorative pole style window valances. You have the choice of using any of our 400 fabrics for any of our products, or if you prefer we can use your fabric. We have a wide variety of custom valances from simple to ornate designs. Fashion Window Treatments helps you create a stylish look through high quality workmanship and the use of upscale designer fabrics. We fabricate our custom valances in our Fredericksburg, Virginia facility.

Orders typically ship within 7 days.

Call 1-866-444-6818 if you need any assistance placing your Semi-Custom Valance order from Fashion Window Treatments!


The Abby Valance in Atherton Umbria Red with brush fringe detailing
Abby Valance

Abigail Valance in Laurinda Mystic Blue and Cabo Wheat
Abigail Valance

Ace Valance in Amantea Eggshell and Sateen Henna Red contrast cording
Ace Valance

Albatross Valance in Boroughs Ruby
Albatross Valance

Arched Valance Briarley Aquamarine
Arched Valance

Ariana Valance
Ariana Valance

Aristocrat Valance
Aristocrat Valance

Ascot Valances in Valdosta Blackbird
Ascot Valance

Astoria Valance
Astoria Valance

Ava valance in Windsor Capri Blue and Sebastian Admiral fabrics
Ava Valance

Back Tab Valance in Damaris Lapis fabric
Back Tab Valance

Banded Valance in Ivanhoe Peppercorn and Sateen Black
Banded Valance

Blouson Valance in Roma Bronze
Blouson Valance

Bordeaux Valance in Westerly Greenmist fabric
Bordeaux Valance

Box Pleat II Valance
Box Pleat II Valance

Box Pleat Valance with Optional Contrast Buttons
Box Pleat Valance

Brandy II Valance
Brandy II Valance

Brandy Valance in Findlay Charcoal fabric
Brandy Valance

Butterfly II Valance in Edwina Natural
Butterfly II Valance

Butterfly Valance in Bailey Fiesta and Marlton Gold
Butterfly Valance

Kitchen Cafe Tiers
Cafe Tiers | Cafe Curtains |Kitchen Tiers

Cambridge Swag in Merrimack Nile - 32
Cambridge Swag

Cambridge Valance in Laurinda Lemongrass
Cambridge Valance

Cameo Valance in Findhorn Gold Dust and Kent Shadow
Cameo Valance

Single Layer Cameo Valance in Finders Keepers French Blue
Cameo Valance - Single Layer

Carolyn II Valance in Tres Chic Black Pink and Beach Umbrella Black Pink
Carolyn II Valance

Carolyn Valance in Summer Breeze Crimson
Carolyn Valance

Casita Coreded Valance in Dance Floor Sand Dune
Casita Corded Valance

Clip on Valance in Findlay Saddle
Clip On Valance

Throw Scarf window treatment
Corded Throw Scarf

Crescent Valance in Mirage Medallion Citrus
Crescent Valance

Cuff Top Valance in Emberton Fiesta Black/Sateen Plume
Cuff Top Valance

Cuff Top Valance with optional tassel trim
Cuff Top Valance with Loops

Daphine Valance in Venezla Vermillion fabric
Daphine Valance

Double Cambridge Swag
Double Cambridge Swag

Double Cambridge Valance in Garden Crewel Berry/Regal Satin Claret
Double Cambridge Valance

Double Scarf Valance in Emberton Jasmine and Stripe Jasmine
Double Scarf Valance

Eclipse Center shown in Carravelle Black Swan fabric.
Eclipse Center

Eclipse Valance in In Print Black White
Eclipse Valance

Ella valance shown in Romanaza Spring and Biscayne Stripe Wicker
Ella Valance

Empire Valance in Reminiscence Onyx fabric
Empire Valance

Fiesta Valance in Filomena Volcano and Dillahan Amazon
Fiesta Valance

Fishtail Swag in Copen Red
Fishtail Swag

Gathered Swag and Jabot Set in Perdido Spa
Gathered Rod Pocket Swag & Jabot Set

Grandeur Valance
Grandeur Valance

Grommet Valance in Iota Corn Yellow
Grommet Valance

Gwendolyn Arched Valance with Pelmets
Gwendolyn Valance

Iris Valance in Garden Paradise Mustard and Roma Bronze
Iris Valance

Janey Valance in Saraseno Waterfall with ball fringe detailing.
Janey Valance

Jasper Valance
Jasper Valance

Jefferson Balloon Valance
Jefferson Balloon Valance

Juliet Valance in Ophelia Iris Blue and Sateen Denim
Juliet Valance

Kaitlin Valance in Taryn Noir and Sateen Oro
Kaitlin Valance

Kiev Valance in Livonia Peppercorn and Midas Peppercorn
Kiev Box Valance

Lexington Valance in Bloom Black and Regal Satin Ginger
Lexington Valance

Lorraine Valance in Garden Paradise Henna/Sateen Plume
Lorraine Valance

M Valance in Boxtree Rose Quartz
M Valance

Manhattan Valance in Waverly Island Gem Jewel
Manhattan Valance

Marcy Valance in Gloria Jubilee and Regal Satin Spice
Marcy Valance

Marisa Valance
Marisa Valance

Marley Valance in  Milton Russet
Marley Valance

Michelle Valance in Mancelona/Monticello Ash
Michelle Valance

Modern Wide Tabbed Valance Ivanhoe Jungle fabric
Modern Tabbed Valance

Monarch Valance in Taryn Opal and Villa Stripe Marigold
Monarch Valance

Monique Valance in Dresden Orion fabric
Monique Valance

Monterey Valance in Sweet William Royal and Cabo Wheat
Monterey Valance

Nottingham Valance
Nottingham Valance

Nottingham Valance with Jabots
Nottingham Valance & Jabots

Oasis Valance in Ophelia Heather and Sebastian Heather fabrics
Oasis Valance

Parisian Valance
Parisian Valance

Petticoat Valance in Ivanhoe Jungle and Sateen Plume
Petticoat Valance

Pinch Pleated Valance in Reese Delft
Pinch Pleated Valance

Pixy Valance in Capua Pebble
Pixy Valance

Priscilla Valance in Regal Vine/Satin Spice
Priscilla Valance

Rachel II Valance
Rachel II Valance

Rachel Valance
Rachel Valance

Raindrop Valance in Majestic Amber/Regal Satin Spice
Raindrop Valance

Regal Valance in Lyrica Lilly with Sateen Plume contrast
Regal Valance

Rod Sleeve Toppper -50 x 5
Rod Sleeve Topper - 50 x 5

Rod Sleeve Topper - 50 x 11
Rod Sleeve Topper 50 x 11

Rod Sleeve Topper - 50 x 10
Rod Sleeve Topper 50x10

Rod Sleeve Topper - 50 x 16
Rod Sleeve Topper 50x16

Rod Sleeve Topper in Labyrinth Black White
Rod Sleeve Topper 50x9

Salem Valance
Salem Valance

Shelby Right Single Unit in Vecellio Cinnamon and Roma Almond
Shelby Single Units

Shelby Valance in Reminiscence Vintage and Sateen Henna Red
Shelby Valance

Sherwood Valance with Jabots in Aster Delft
Sherwood Valance & Jabots

Southern Belle in Ceremonia Porcelain and Coleraine Porcelain
Southern Belle Valance

Squire Valance - semi custom
Squire Valance

Stagecoach Valance in Mirage Medallion Capri and Cosmo Papaya
Stagecoach Valance

Straight Valance in Crest Regatta fabric
Straight Valance

Tab Top Valance in Paris Brown Eyes
Tab Top Valance

Tailored Swag in Reminiscence Cinnamon
Tailored Swag

Teardrop valance in Mancelona & Monticello Porcelain
Teardrop Valance

Tent Flap valance in Summer Breeze Crimson/Sateen Henna Red
Tent Flap Valance

Throw Scarf Window Treatment
Throw Scarf Window Treatment

Tie Up Valance
Tie Up Valance

Triangle Valance
Triangle Valance

Trixie Valance in Valdosta Driftwood
Trixie Valance

Tucker valance
Tucker Valance

Tudor Valance in Loa Garden fabric
Tudor Valance

Victory Swag in Bloom Dark Gold
Victory Swag

Vienna Valance in Sebastian Brown Blaze with Sateen Oro contrast fabric lining.
Vienna Valance

Wesley Valance in Valdosata Driftwood and Capua Pebble
Wesley Valance




In addition to our selection of over 400 fabrics, Fashion Window Treatments offers over one hundred different styles of quality made to order window valances to choose from creating endless possibilities for your home. Our expert staff is available to help you choose the perfect color and style combination for any room in your home. We do not offer returns on our custom or semi-custom made to order curtain selections. We encourage you to order a free swatch of up to 10 fabrics that you are considering before placing your new valance order so that you can see the actual fabric color and texture in your home.

When deciding which style valance to purchase, first you must decide whether you will be hanging the valance by itself, over curtains or over vertical blinds. Hanging a valance by itself can add decoration to the windows in your room while still allowing the light to come in. Hanging over curtains or vertical blinds can add contrast to create a unique look. If hanging over curtains, will you be using a sheer curtain or fabric curtain? Will the fabrics match or clash? Have a fabric that you would like to send to use to create the valance? We are happy to help with all aspects of creating your made to order valance, including sewing the window treatment in your fabrics! Our experts can walk you through choosing the right color and fabric combinations.

Most Semi-Custom Valances ordered from Fashion Window Treatments are available several sizes, some can even be made in one inch increments. If your windows are not a standard size, some of our valances can be ordered at a custom length. In the ordering process, it is important that you specify the width that you need. When choosing the valance size, always go up to the next size up to place the order. If you have any questions regarding measuring or placing your order, please do not hesitate to contact our staff at 866-444-6818!